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The original Hobo Band was organized by a group of local, talented musicians after World War I.

During the war years, most dance and family bands were almost totally disbanded due to the men entering the service.

After the war ended, the young GI’s and veterans returned home anxious to get back to old time music. A local group decided to form their own band and provide entertainment at picnics, wedding dances and civic affairs. They decided to dress in mismatched clothes with patches sewed on them. They were a happy go lucky bunch, who enjoyed their Czech and German music.

The Spoetzl Brewery became their sponsor and it cost the brewery a keg of beer for each performance.

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The Shiner Hobo Band gained fame in 1936 under the direction of Emmett Busch, with a toilet plunger as his baton. The Hobos marched and played in Shiner and surrounding towns, displaying a Hobo banner. They entertained crowds everywhere they went. Mr. Spoetzl would accompany the band during local parades and went from saloons to bars treating everyone to Shiner Beer.

This tradition continued into the 1950’s, when Curt Messer directed the Hobos in the same tradition of music, hospitality and refreshments. Due to the failing health of Mr. Messer, the band slowly disbanded.

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